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3 Really Dumb Things I Did To Try And "Break Into The Business"

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Guys, you know I’m all about giving performers the tools they need to excel in their craft - so I want to share some things that I did in the past that completely wasted my time and energy.

By sharing these, I hope I can help you avoid the same mistakes I made!

1) Spent a ton of money on one-stop shop "agencies" who promised to promote.

I thought the more they offered, the better the representation.

In reality, all they did was collect my money for mediocre photos.

2) Submitted headshots and resumes to every talent agency, casting director, and production company I could find.

Back then I believed that if I got my name and face in front of as many industry folk as possible, I would get at least a few auditions. But instead, I spent a lot of time and energy with no results because I had no strategy.

3) Failed to see the value in relevant training.

I thought that what I was presenting was enough. After all, I fit the look and the age range of most roles that were casting.

However, the performances I was delivering didn't have the depth and honesty to connect with an audience.

Now, its your turn! What things have you done to try and "break into the business"?

Share in the comments!

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