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5 Ways Character Development Has Changed My Performances

1) No more difficulty memorizing lines.

I used to try and memorize my lines first. NOW I understand the context and let emotions drive the words, so I no longer

have to think about what line comes next.

2) No more flat or fake acting.

I used to "act" out the script. NOW I live in the moment and react to the situations in real time.

3) No more awkward moments on stage.

I used to blank on stage because of a missed line or cue. Now I react honestly to it in the moment without it throwing me off.

4) No more stage fright.

I used to be scared of what would happen if I missed a line or a cue. Now I embrace those moments and run with them.

5) No more beating myself up after a performance.

I used to always look at the negative of my performance and wish I did better. Now I am pleased with the work I put in and the truth I portrayed.

Have you ever struggled with any of the above?

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