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How I Spent $32,356 to Figure Out How To Connect With An Audience

I know… I was shocked when I totaled that up myself!

But I had no direction and no idea of where to even start. I was naive, overwhelmed and completely green.

So first I paid one-stop shop agencies because I needed comp cards and representation. Then I bought random classes and courses because I had no real direction. Then I attended every "industry" event I could find in order to "network" - after all, it's "who you know", right?

When all was said and done, I had invested over $30,000 to be able to break into the entertainment industry. (And this doesn’t even include all the TIME it took me to figure this out!)

But I absolutely needed to figure out how to build depth and honesty in my performances so I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience. But because I spent so much investing in all these different courses and classes, it was the exact reason that I created Ignite Performing Arts.