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Improv Classes Online? Is that a thing? It is now!

We weren't sure if it could be done, but by collaborating with our amazing friends at Vegas Improv Power, it's become a reality!

The month of May was a month of learning, growing, shifting, and much change in way of acting and dance classes. But we embraced the change and collaborated with friends from around the country to brainstorm ideas on how to bring you what you needed - virtually.

The response was incredible! And while we, as instructors, had to rethink our class structures, the result was nothing but positive and actually pretty amazing. Students from across the country joined us as we played ensemble games, coupled up for partner exercises, and laughed uncontrollably - more than once.

Virtual learning has opened the door for great collaborations with guest instructors, meeting classmates from around the globe, and a plethora of endless possibilities. Needless to say, online improv classes are here to stay - and we are absolutely thrilled about it!

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